Curated mountain-inspired art collections and home goods.

Artist at her work desk with computer and Peentura logo creating mountain inspired art

I am Adriana, the face behind Peentura, and this is my story.
Back in 2006, I came to Alberta for the first time with my then-fiancee, and I knew right away this was my happy place. Eight years later, after wonderful serendipity and hard decisions, we moved to Calgary to be close to Banff National Park, embrace outdoor living and enjoy the mountains as much as possible.

I am a graphic designer, photographer, art instructor, and acrylic painter, passionate about interior decoration and visual beauty. I love camping, hiking, biking, skiing, and everything that involves being outdoors. As an artist, I started showing my love for the mountains, wildlife, and outdoor adventures in my art, and so Peentura was born. A collection of high-quality mountain-inspired wall art and home goods to inspire you every day.

My art includes photography, graphic art, digital photo manipulation, and digitalized original paintings to print on canvas (Watercolour and acrylic). Monochromatic Art and Minimalist Abstract Art are my main styles throughout my work.

If you wonder where the name Peentura came from, it's a letter switcheroo from the Spanish word "Pintura" which, in English, means "Painting."

With love from our family to yours,



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