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"Enjoy everyday fully and see beauty in every moment."


I am Adriana, the face behind Peentura, and this is my story.  A couple of years ago, while I was teaching art at a studio in Calgary, AB.,  I had the idea of painting two big pieces of my children for my family room. The idea was for them to be modern, inspirational, unique, artistic, playful, special, and to be “the” design statement in the room. I know, tall order, but that's me. Additionally, they had to look good side by side as a set, each have their personal touch but at the same time be individual pieces (one for each child to bring with them into their own homes when that day comes).

After envisioning this idea and figuring out what needed to be done, with help from another artist friend, I was able to get started. It was such an amazing creative experience to see that crazy idea of mine result in such a beautiful and meaningful piece that checked all of the boxes and prompted such great feedback and compliments from everyone who laid eyes on it, that I began to dream and believe that there must be a way to share it with the world.

A couple of months later, life happened and my family went through a health relates life changing event, one of those that make you reevalute everything and prompt big decisions and even bigger actions. After countless nights of inner soul searching, I made a decision and chose to believe in my product and the value that it could bring families like yours. I had found my inspiration, and this prompted the launch of Peentura, beautiful and affordable wall art to inspire you and your family to tell your own story in your home.

Now, less than two years later, a lot of learning, a myriad of challenges that include a world wide pandemia and endless nights, I am so proud to share that we have produced over 3000 portraits. I am extremely grateful for the support received and delighted with all of the amazing portraits I have been trusted to transform into beautiful wall art.

Creating portraits that celebrate the love for our family, our friendships and special moments in life is what inspires me. I strongly believe that having a grateful, happy, loving, positive soul is the way to a happy and joyful life, and being surrounded by visual art reminders makes it easier for us to remain mindful of it. Life is short, time flies, children grow, things can change from one moment to the next, so we have to cherish every moment. Every day I put my heart and soul into each piece I make so that, you too, can capture the essence of your beautiful family in a magical portrait called Peentura.

If you wonder where the name Peentura came from, it's a letter switcheroo from the Spanish word "Pintura" which, in English, means "Painting." 

With love from our family to yours,

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